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Basics – our work ethic

Most people have principles. Some call them rules, commandments or personal guidelines. We also developed 10 of those and we call them „Basics“. We never wrote them on cave walls or chiseled them onto stone plates. Still, if you are keen on working with us, you should be able to agree on them.

01 COURAGE. Fortune favors the bold.
It’s like fencing. If you do not move forward, you probably won’t land the winners strike.

02 RESPECT. We stand on equal footing.

Upright, but never looking down or pandering up.

03 PATIENCE. The best things are worth waiting for.

Haste makes waste. Even in this industry.

04 CHEMISTRY. It just clicks.

We have designers, developers, strategists and all kinds of creative people in our ranks. But we never needed to consult a scientist to tell us if the chemistry was right.

05 UNIQUENESS. Be special.

Mainstream monotony: If we wanted to stare at recipes all day, we’d become food bloggers.

06 QUALITY. Results matter.

Rising above does not stand for yeasty products having to mature on the clients windowsill. It stands for highest quality without compromise.

07 FAIRNESS. There are always two sides.

And contrary to popular belief the grass is not greener on any of them.

08 CANDOR. We can talk about it.
We have been given mouths to communicate, not to gnash the teeth within. We are fond of direct words and more understanding than any liaison teacher.

09 CONDITIONS. Not all the best things are free.

„If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys.” DUNCKELFELD is no internet discounter. Quality and performance have their price like everywhere else.

10 SERIOUSNESS. No knickknacks, no wishy-washy.

This one is pretty straightforward.

10 out of 10 nods? 
Great! Then this could be the beginning of something big. Let’s go!