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Work & Flow – our project structure

We work agile. We value transparency over pitfalls and wrong assumptions, flexibility over waiting indefinitely for the be-all end-all of compulsive quotations and we value reliability over having to cut limbs off of said quotation nevertheless.

So, how exactly is our workflow different? It is tailor-fit to accommodate for the nature of digital communication projects. When a project reaches a certain level of complexity, we usually split it into three parts:


This part is all about understanding – the client, the brand and the audience. We want to listen to a brand’s story and eventually become so familiar with it that we feel comfortable contributing to it. That includes business models, long-term goals just as well as budget and timeline expectations. In the best case we complete the briefing process with a collective workshop. There project stakeholders from all sides can sort out the details and thus clear the way for a flawless project.
One of the big advantages of this concept is the direct and personal feedback. The iterative process near eliminates room for misunderstanding and results in a detailed briefing and fundamental policies for strategy and prioritization of the set objectives. As the final step we bundle all of this information into a comprehensive rebriefing that is the foundation for our contract.
With the following design vision we present multiple design visions to align our understanding and creative approach with the expectations of our client. This way we know very early on if we are going into the right direction or if and what we need to change.


Now that the ground is broken we dive right into the conceptual work. For websites that means: How does the user interact with the site? How many site types are there and where are the various elements located on the site? In a word: we create a detailed blueprint. As soon as everything is in the right place, things become colorful. We craft every necessary design, for every site type and optimal display on desktop and mobile devices. With continuous feedback loops the project stays transparent for the client and allows for the quick implementation of short-term changes.


Our design and development teams work really close together. So close in fact, that they sometimes share a desk. We encourage this interdisciplinary exchange. Also because we think it is absolutely necessary in order to smoothly advance a project – without nasty surprises.

Our developers contribute to this smooth advance by gauging the required elements and features, if necessary creating them from scratch and implementing them in a test environment where we carefully check for optimal compatibility with new and old systems alike. When this step is done it is finally launch time and to ensure that launch time is a good time for everyone, Friday is never launch time. We do not just disappear into thin air after the launch but are happy to accompany the project within the scope of our possibilities for its best possible success.

Now you know. If you still – or now more than ever – want to work with us, feel free to send us a message: neu@dunckelfeld.de