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Since 2011, we have been given BULLS a distinctive image in web, film, print and event.


The German bicycle producer BULLS is the first address for mountain, racing and hybrid bikes. A good price, the use of high-class components and an excellent manufacturing make BULLS to one of the most favorite bicycle brands of Europe.

The colourful sites

The online appearance becomes an interactive world of experience. Every bicycle gets its 15 megabytes of fame and glory. Detailed views, technical backgrounds and exciting features leave an athletic impression. The professional cyclists present themselves on individually crafted subpages.

Let's dance!
  • Responsive design

    If on mummy’s old-fashioned computer or on your smartphone – this website always looks good.

  • Intuitive comparison of bikes

    Extensive filter possibilities for all attributes make it easy for you to compare all bicycles.

  • Complete view

    The 360 degree view makes it possible to put selected bicycles under the microscope.

A class of its own

The BULLS Copperhead 3 has, without a doubt, been the best in its class for many years. The different yearly models were supported through emotional commercials, detail-driven technical clips and documentary insights covering up the development processes. The whole nine yards for the darling of the public.

  • Copperhead 3 - 2013

    Copperhead 3 - 2013, The Race on Vimeo
  • Copperhead 3 - 2014

    Copperhead 3 - 2014, It's your sport on Vimeo
  • Copperhead 3 - 2014

    Copperhead 3 - 2014, The details on Vimeo
  • Copperhead 3 - 2012

    Copperhead 3 - 2012, Karl Platt on Vimeo

Behind the thick forest

Large-format pin-up-bikes in the seasonal catalogs or extravagant event invitations, the print products always create a new perspective with exact and distinct concepts in CMYK.

Distance meets dancefloor

DISCOSPINNING powered by BULLS is a unique and authentic event concept. The brand becomes the center of attraction at every party. A hunt for kilometers, pleasant to the taste.

  • 775kUnique visitors
    on bulls.de in 2013

  • +90%boosts visits
    on bulls.de

  • 6.7miopage views
    on bulls.de in 2013

  • 100kViews on the YouTube video
    "The Race“

  • 75xNumber of times “The Race”
    has been screened in German cinemas.

  • 213kmcounts the DISCOSPINNG-record
    during two party nights.