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the tree

We invented an interactive lookbook for the wooden fashion brand and shaped the visual equipment.


The fashion accessory label KERBHOLZ is known for its handcrafted wooden glasses and timepieces. Every single product shines with puristic design and highest quality. The cream of the crop: KERBHOLZ donates an actual amount of money from each product sold to the WWF. That's great for people and the planet, too.

lookbook lookbook


That's how we do it: by using an interactive lookbook, the retailer are able to order products while seeing them on catwalk. Right now, it is a proof of concept but in near future, it's going to be a digital and glossy catalog made for the adventures of metropolis.

  • Urban Stories

    It's all about fashion, art and culture – regional forestry is unfortunately not available.

  • Catalog of products

    Put your favorite items directly in your shopping cart while browsing on individual product sites.

  • Bonus Features

    The interactive lookbook provides a lot of surprises for you. Stay curious!

News from nature

We have developed various product assets, which shouldn't be missing in the visual equipment of a fashion brand. That's not as easy as it sounds: how do you design a product catalogue for the Fashion Week, if there aren´t any products done?!