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The Malzfabrik is not just our office, it is an extraordinary location for events.


The MALZFABRIK is an insider tip for exclusive business events taking place in Cologne. Being a part of the former HANSA brewery, it has conserved its industrial charisma and presents itself today in a balanced mix of design classics and astonishing ideas.

Malt works

It's all about plain vanilla business. The location's visual language simple and sexy without abandoning dignified characteristics. That bond of friendship provides a haptic sense of delight.

  • 1891August Thelen establishes the legendary brewery. Next door is the malt house.

  • 340m²The Malzfabrik makes everybody happy. We offer workshops, dinnerparties, lections, exhibitions, live music, fashion shows and show cooking.

  • 52The Malzfabrik is bookable 52 weekends per year. What's your weekend?

The old lady's secret

The mark designation becomes a symbol of the location. Some will never get a glimpse of it, others aren't able to see beyond it's cryptic surface and again others gain insight into the masterplan of typography, color scheme and adaption of the logo.

BDin Bold Hamburgefonts
Bembo Regular + 100 Hamburgefonts
CMYK 5 / 30 / 70 / 0
RGB 240 / 186 / 94
HEX #f0ba5e
CMYK 75 / 65 / 55 / 70
RGB 39 / 40 / 42
HEX #27282a
Wide range of usage
total area of 340 square meters
flexible booking
Modern and award-winnig design
impressive technology
central position
exclusive booking
competent advice & customized solutions
unique history

All for one

A little flirt between friends. The elegant one-paper toys with large images, concise facts and illustrative elements. It's a digital charm offensive that comes in responsive design.