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A digital sound experience through the new EP of OK Kid.


OK KID is a German pop band, which is no longer an insider tip. The trio makes pop music with a high claim for quality, aesthetics and deepness. OK KID makes everyday lyrics, that comes easy like a Sunday morning and militate in favor of a whole generation that is looking for answers.

From zero to hero

Jonas, Moritz and Raffi put the icing on the cake when they produced the five new tracks of the GRUNDLOS EP after releasing their brilliant debut album OK KID. The EP is about the search for identity and the things that really make us happy. Every single track is presented in an own video.

  • #1 Borderline
  • #2 Februar
  • #3 Unterwasserliebe
  • #4 Grundlos
  • #5 Zuerst war da ein Beat

It’s all good

What does a ballerina, an older officer and a young athlete have in common? They are the three main characters of the short story that OK Kid tells their recipients on GRUNDLOS. At the beginning the three characters are struggling in different unhappily situations. But as you know, it is never to late for a happy end.

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

The film production company HeyYou! is responsible for the idea, conception and realization of the music videos. www.hey-you.tv

  • OK KID - Grundlos EP

    OK KID - Grundlos EP, #1 Borderline auf Vimeo ansehen
  • OK KID - Grundlos EP

    OK KID - Grundlos EP, #2 Februar auf Vimeo ansehen
  • OK KID - Grundlos EP

    OK KID - Grundlos EP, #3 Unterwasserliebe auf Vimeo ansehen
  • OK KID - Grundlos EP

    OK KID - Grundlos EP, #4 Grundlos auf Vimeo ansehen
  • OK KID - Grundlos EP

    OK KID - Grundlos EP, #5 Zuerst war da ein Beat auf Vimeo ansehen

Just one click

OK KIDs music videos are presented on the Microsite GRUNDLOS EXTENDED where they become more than just videos. They transform to a multilayer music adventure, where you are guided by the interpreters themselves. Are you ready to feel music like you never did before?

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On Tour

OK KID is always present wherever you go. By using responsive web design GRUNDLOS EXTENDED knows no barriers and can be used even on mobile phones or tablets.

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