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We created an interactive web application for the E-Bike brand ZEMO including a films, 3D animation and a futuristic user interface design.


ZEMO understands itself as an »E-Bike of a new generation«, serving the demands of a comfort-, security- and luxury-oriented target group above the age of 40.

Put your hands on the bike

The ZEMO is presented in an interactive 3D modeled space, equipped with different selectable topic points. In a total of seven spots, the user is going to be informed about everything that has to be known about the product.

  • 3D Modelling

    The ZEMO ZE-8 has been completely represented in a three dimensional space.

  • Interactive touchpoints

    With just one click out you can check out the most important topics.

  • Feature Clips

    To assure, that you can handle the sales person at the bicycle shop, we've got some digital brain food for you.

Rabbit in a magic hat

To underline the future-oriented concept of the ZEMO and to make the facts more graspable, we have pimped its visual appearance: Chroma Keying, animated user interface design, compositing and color grading.

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